Catégorie : Socially Responsible Investing – SRI


    La Semaine de la finance responsable

    The responsible finance week is a good opportunity to discover every type of responsible investment : crowdfunding , with social impact, solidarity-based finance, Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) etc.


    Label ISR, Investissement Socialement Responsable – CIES, Comité Intersyndical de l’Épargne Salariale – GreenFin Label, France finance verte

    There are labels that garanty the quality of investment processes. They can help you too choose the fund according to your expectations.


    Because we can’t keep burning resources, polluting, neglecting those who participate in the value and wealth creation. Because finance is a powerful and vital lever to lift the economy. Because SRI imposes change in the economical players’ practices towards a more sustainable economy. Because SRI products can be found by every bank insurance’s networks and […]

  • Employment

    ISR thématique

    Responsible investors focus particularly on job creation, quality of social dialogue, training or workplace wellness.

  • Executive compensation

    ISR thématique

    In order ensure and maintain social cohesion and company performances, the responsible investors make sure that executive compensations are established in a transparent and coherent manner.

  • Gender Equality

    ISR thématique

    Gender equality and more broadly equality, is fundamental to responsible investors; equal pay, governance equality and diversity all contribute to the company’s durability.

  • Human Rights

    ISR thématique

    Responsible investors make sure that companies respect human rights, that they do not use any form of modern slavery or child labor, and that they mind local populations, especially when it comes to their supply chain.

  • Biodiversity

    ISR thématique

    Today, protect biodiversity is a key issue. Use of chemicals, land preservation, soil, air and water pollutions, are major topics that responsible investors scrutinize with commitment.

  • Climate

    ISR thématique

    Responsible investors scrutinize their investments’ carbon footprint and they finance solutions that help energy transition in order to fight against the emergency of climate change and foster the transition toward a low carbon economy.



    Sustainable and Responsible Investment -SRI- is an investment that reconciles financial performance with social and environmental impact by financing companies and public entities that contribute to sustainable development. By influencing the governance and behaviour of stakeholders, SRI promotes a responsible economy. SRI is found in life insurance, employee savings plans, real estate, and equity savings […]

  • A bear in Paris

    Campagne « Exigez l'ISR ! » 2018

    A bear found itself detached from its pole, it drifted on its frail iceberg, without food, to end up beached on the banks of Paris. So yes, today, the bear is a fake. But tomorrow maybe not. This situation is not irreversible. By choosing Sustainable and Responsible Investment you can make the difference !